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Staff development in customer service

Many companies have realised the importance of staff development in order to help maintain high standards of customer service.  People development is important also for helping to give the call centre a better image as there has been a great deal of negative press over the years.  However, this is now changing thanks to the investment that companies are making in this area.  As a result, a call centre is now able to offer a telephone answering service manned by professional and happy staff.

One of the most important things for call centre staff to understand is how it feels to be the customer.  They are aware of issues that the customer faces and have a good understanding of how to resolve them.  By understanding the customer the call centre team is more likely to be effective and, therefore, will be happier in their work.  This is something that customers calling in will be able to pick up on easily and a happier member of staff is also a more helpful member of staff.

Team members and leaders can be given the opportunity to work towards new qualifications and training on various aspects of their work.  With a range of incentives to work towards staff will feel as though they are achieving something and will be happier coming to work each day.  Development applies to every member of staff, from the most senior manager to the newest recruit in customer service.

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