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Staff Crisis In Indian Call Centres


The stresses and strains highlighted by the recent fictional BBC series “Mumbai Calling” seem to be quite well observed according to staff from prominent call centres in India.

Workers in such call centres cite poor morale, stress and disillusionment with the industry and working conditions.

Shabana Pavaskar, a senior employee at a reputable call centre in Mumbai, feels it is not a career, just a job.   “I have been working here for many years but there’s no promotion, no motivation and the hours are extremely demanding,” she says.  “Overtime is not an option but a compulsion. A government job with a fairly less salary will be more feasible than working here.”

Poor working conditions are also blamed as a major contributory factor for a 23 year old call centre worker’s heart attack.

Is it possible to develop and include staff in a call centre environment?
Whatever industry staff are employed within, the constant challenge is to make our team members stakeholders in the business. At GoResponse, we wouldn’t claim that we’re perfect, but we do strive to make the business an engaging place to work.

There are teams of staff that contribute to innovating and providing ideas to overcome challenges or improve the working environment, systems or sense of team spirit.

Our incentive schemes are relevant to and well received by staff members.

It’s well worth considering UK based call centre operations in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and ability to engage with a UK clientele.


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