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Speedy customer services vital for consumers dealing with interruptions

performance level conceptual meterModern lifestyles mean that many people have laptops, smartphones, and a plethora of other gadgets at their disposal. Although this can make life more efficient, it also comes with its own pitfalls, such as distractions. A study conducted by Microsoft suggests that every day, two hours are spent by the average employee recovering from around 56 interruptions. This means that if call centres are to provide the best service to their customers, they have to be quick and simple, thereby reducing the risk an interruption will occur.

The rising incidence of interruptions has consequences for telephone answering services. For example, waiting in call queues simply isn’t acceptable for many people. Levels of care that might have been acceptable a decade ago no longer achieve the right standard. The majority of people don’t have a positive reaction when their time is wasted, so it is vital for call centres to make their services as efficient as possible.

Real-time speech analytics technology can help agents understand how consumers are feeling, speeding the process towards a positive end. Time should also be taken to reduce the need to repeat information, such as addresses and postcodes, so it is imperative that callers aren’t passed around agents requesting the same data time and time again.

With interruption rates continuing to rise as texts, calls, and social media pop-ups distract individuals, it is essential to make the call centre experience as painless and seamless as possible. By understand the needs of the consumer and eradicating time-wasting operations, companies can boost their branding and performance.

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