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Speech analytics unlocks operational efficiencies

Analysis Strategy Study Information Planning ConceptModern call centres need all the help they can get when it comes to optimising efficiency. There is less room for mistakes in the competitive digital era, and that means not only keeping operational performance up but also ensuring that consumers are kept happy. At one firm, HomeServe, Sabio’s speech analytics technology is being used to boost productivity and service quality.

HomeServe is one of the leading home assistance firms in the UK. The company is now working with Sabio to utilise the Verint Speech Analytics software for its telephone answering services. This solution analyses average hold times and customer interactions to help reduce repeat calls, thereby boosting First Call Resolution (FCR).

HomeServe’s Director of Contact Centre Strategy, Alison Hanson, said: “With a high volume of customer interactions a month, we knew we needed a specialist system to be able to unlock the valuable information each customer interaction provided us with to ultimately ensure an effortless experience every time. Now with Verint Speech Analytics in place, we can mine all of our recorded calls, surfacing information by specific keywords, phrases or business categories – and gain a much deeper view into how our customer journeys are really working.”

Since its debut, the analytics tool has analysed more than one million consumer interactions. This has helped HomeServe boost its customer services by identifying the causes of repeat calls and highlighting areas of the consumer journey that need more optimisation.

The integration shows how speech analytics can benefit call centres, helping them to boost the customer experience at a time when optimising consumer interactions is essential.

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