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Speech Analytics to Help Businesses

Companies that require call centres may find benefits with speech analytics.

A new survey has been released regarding call centres. The survey asked businesses if they felt speech analytics would help their current operations and gain call centres more business from companies in the UK. Those questioned stated they felt it would help by 14% to 26% in as little as 12 months. Roughly 57% of those surveyed said they do not have plans to use telephone answering services with speech analytics unless the company they are with installs the software. These companies do not want to spend the money on the new software, even though they understand the technology can be quite helpful to their customers and their business overall.

Speech analytics is a new technology where the customer contact centre can help the business discover what the customer is feeling about them. It is also meant as a way to be quicker and more efficient in handling the calls that come in. By understanding how the customers feel when they call and how they feel after the call, customer service representatives can better help the customer by tackling the issue with a better solution. A company that handles a vast amount of calls needs to ensure they are taking care of each customer.

Speech analytics is a solution for that, but for some call centres the software will have to wait until the technology becomes more affordable across the board.

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