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Speech analytics only one part of customer relations

Speech bubbleCall centres are increasingly using a variety of tools to ensure they are offering the best service. One of these technologies is speech analytics. This is a piece of software that can be used to track customer conversations and identify specific words or phrasing of interest. However, it is important for telephone answering services to remember that speech analytics is only one part of consumer interaction and doesn’t provide an overall picture.

Speech analytics is a great tool for call centres, but it could give a skewed view when it’s used in isolation. Therefore, it is essential that managers remember it’s not a silver bullet or magic potion. Customers may decide to use the telephone line instead of chat or email for very specific reasons; for example, they might find it easier to explain particularly complex problems over the phone. As a result, it won’t supply an entire picture of customer relations and should be used alongside other metrics and analytical tools.

One of the great things about speech analytics is that it adds to a call centre’s analytics data. Analyst firm Gartner said: “Voice of the customer solutions combine multiple, traditionally siloed technologies associated with the capture, storage and analysis of direct, indirect and inferred customer feedback.”

They added that technologies including text mining, speech analytics, Web analytics, social media monitoring, and enterprise feedback management are crucial for gaining a holistic view of the customer.

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