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South Africa Trying to Attract UK Businesses

South Africa is trying to get a larger stake in the UK.

South Africa has worked tirelessly in these last few years to offer call centres to the UK in order to get a larger piece of the outsourcing pie. China, India and the Philippines are the three countries in the lead, but South Africa is trying to get ahead of these three. South Africa definitely has a shot given that there are native English speakers. Consumers want to understand the other person on the line. Indian accents can sometimes be more difficult to understand. This can lead to dissatisfied clientele. Given the wide range of outsourcing telephone answering services around, you have the choice of choosing a company that is best suited to you.

Santander is one of the UKs largest banks that has announced plans to use call centres in South Africa. The bank desires to offer quality to their customers, yet also save money. To make this happen Santander has chosen to outsource their customer call centre for simple questions to South Africa. Clients can get their calls answered any time of the day or night, without worry.

Banking is just one industry that is beginning to move towards South Africa and the new centres cropping up there for telephone answering services. It may be that in a few years, more and more companies are seeking South Africa as a solution. This is definitely the hope of South Africa itself, as it creates new centres to handle the influx of outsourcing services.

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