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South Africa Attempting to Compete With China and India

South Africa may become the next call centre destination to rival China and India.

South Africa has made waves in the call centre industry of late. Cape Town has worked hard to take advantage of Europe’s economic situation in order to gain notice as an outsourcing destination for telephone answering services and much more. India was the top outsourcing location for several years before China and the Philippines began moving in. The Philippines has a special advantage over China and India due to their native languages, one primarily being English. Cape Town also has English staff members meaning that they could really rival India and China as the better call centre option for businesses.

UK consumers calling a telephone answering service tend to want someone on the other end of the line that can understand them. A competitive advantage of English will help keep clients coming back. Amazon is already taking advantage of South Africa by exporting their call centre operations to Cape Town. South Africa is better aligned with the UK in that they have English language skills and established pools of English staff members. They can also handle other international calls in Europe.

Businesses looking for better customer care services and native English speakers may start to turn more towards South Africa in the future. It has been predicted that South Africa will actually overtake India and China as the outsourcing destination for companies in the coming years due to these advantages.

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