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Some of the solutions telephone answering services provide

Many companies need extra resources at times of high demand, but hiring temporary staff and training them can prove costly. If you need extra resources for email and call handling, specialist telephone answering services can help.

Solutions that are available from specialist call and email handling companies include:

Booking lines

If your clients need to call you to book a service, treatment or appointment, they can do this easily if you use a telephone answering service. The best part of using these services is that your phone lines are not confined to being operational from 9 until 5. Telephone answering services are available 24/7, so you will never miss a client query.

Sales order lines

Clients may already know what they want to purchase after visiting your online shop. If however they have a question about a product or if they simply want to make a payment by telephone instead of online, a telephone answering service can meet all your needs. The telephone answering staff can be briefed about your business and will have the knowledge required to process a new order.

24 hour support phone lines

If you sell a product, your customers may need support on the product 24/7. Having a person at the end of a phone is much better for your company credibility than just leaving the answer phone on. Even if the telephone answering professional cannot answer a query, they will be polite and courteous and will be able to relay the message to your chosen recipient, so you can act on it quickly.

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