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Some Features of Call Centres

Finding features with call centres you can use.

There are four basic areas wherein call centres can provide you with features that are quite helpful. We will discuss these areas in terms of telephone answering services to help you decide on the features that may be of benefit to you. You may find that all of the features discussed help you in your company or only some will.

Network control types of call centres can offer call queuing, queue management with timers, with call thresholds, call centre networking, call limiting, auto attendant and network transfers. It means that there is a network to route the calls with automation if you need to keep clients on hold for a short while before answering the call. Furthermore, you can also route calls to anywhere on the network including your location, should you need to answer the call. Keep in mind these features are general and they may be given by certain call centres or as part of a package depending on the one you choose. These are just an outline of possible basic features.

Call routing is also a part of all call centres where you may have automatic call distribution, round robin routing, overflow routing, and certain time of day or week routing. Customer control and messaging are the other two basic foundations of call centres. With customer control you have pin controllers, counter controllers, and even time of day controllers. Messaging means you have announcements, music on hold, music in queue and much more.

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