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Software robots launched by Verint

TechnologyVerint Systems has debuted new robotic software that allows time-consuming business operations to be conducted and managed automatically. By harnessing the power of the tool, call centres should be able to reduce the amount of time they spend on routine manual tasks, thereby increasing efficiency and letting their agents focus on other high-priority areas.

Today’s telephone answering services have to execute thousands of transactions every day if they want to stay head-to-head with the competition. Even though many of these are already automated, other operations have to be manually conducted by employees. The arrival of Verint Robotic Process Automaton means that companies can boost their overall productivity by bringing automation to numerous back-office and call centre processes. Human error can also be eliminated, allowing for higher quality levels to be achieved, whilst compliance needs can also be addressed.

By integrating the automated processes, there is also the potential to enjoy reduced operational costs. In fact, revenue could even be increased as call centre agents will be able to spend more time conducting money-making activities instead of administrative tasks. This can lead firms to experience more success than ever.

Verint Global Vice President of Product Strategy Kristyn Emenecker said: “These solutions are designed to help organizations simplify routine tasks and processes to boost productivity and reduce errors in order to improve quality and downstream customer impact, in addition to securing sensitive information and supporting regulatory compliance demands.”

She added that automation means valuable human resources can be freed so that customer-focused work can be tackled.

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