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Softphone features launched by Intelecom

Smiling Customer service representative with headset onIntelecom Group AS has launched a new softphone tool that offers call centres a next-generation option for real-time working. Softphone allows agents to receive calls directly on their computer, removing the need for traditional hardware such as mobiles and landlines. It is the latest move by Intelecom as the group continue with its strategy to develop real-time, innovative solutions.

With the use of WebRTC, a technology allowing various browser clients to stream audio, Intelecom’s new Softphone software means that telephone answering services agents can simply log onto their computer, plug their headset in, and begin instantly answering calls via a Chrome web browser. If an internet connection falters, all agents need to do is switch their headset to a mobile or landline to continue with the call.

The Managing Director of Intelecom’s Contact Centre Division, Børge Astrup, said that the company taps into innovative technologies such as WebRTC in order to meet the increasing demand for real-time solutions. “This gives our clients a set of flexible yet integrated tools that are designed to build resilience into their contact centre operations and empower agents to deliver consistently high levels of personalised, customer service at all times,” he added.

Features of Intelecom’s latest update also include Chat Survey, a tool that responds to the rising demand for Web Chat to gather data, and App for Agents, a piece of software that enables agents to log into systems from any device. There is also a Secure Single Sign-On feature, which removes the need for agents to log into multiple apps by having employees sign on through a secure domain.

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