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Sociocast launch new customisable web/mobile platform

In the modern era, call centres have to do more than ever to ensure customer retention and positive experiences.  Consumers demand better services than ever before, and many people are demanding customisable options to suit their needs.  With this in mind, Sociocast have announced the launch of a new platform that will allow businesses, such as telephone answering services, to customise both web and mobile applications.

The new Personalisation Platform from Sociocast uses a simple click interface, allowing all businesses to easily customise their applications within a matter of minutes.  Since its Beta launch, over 50 companies have already signed up, indicating that companies are striving to find better ways to customise the tools that they and their consumers use.

Founder and CEO of Sociocast, Albert Azout, said: “Sociocast is delivering on two missions: Fulfilling the dream of real ubiquitous personalisation and delivering business owners a simple and easy way to show the right thing to the right person at the right time.  Other personalisation tools don’t offer predictive capability, are expensive and confusing to use, and require big IT development commitments and cycles.”

With customer services becoming so vital in the modern era, it is crucial for all companies to ensure they are doing everything they can to optimise consumer care and client retention.  This not only aids upselling, but can get positive recommendations too.  Therefore, for businesses wanting to customise their tools, Sociocast’s new technology could be of interest.

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