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Social poaching threatens consumer base

Social media MarketingOver the past few years, many call centres have benefited from social media and the increased customer engagement it can bring. However, not every aspect of social media is positive; competitors use platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to poach consumers. With people finding it easy to switch services and products in the modern era, it is vital that telephone answering services take steps to protect their consumer base.

One of the most important ways to stop poaching is to understand where customers are likely to be. By analysing a consumer base, companies can learn who their customers are and where they are likely to hang out. This means that firms can be more efficient with their engagement and fight off the competition.

Another solution is to look at real loyalty and work to ensure that people aren’t tempted to go elsewhere. In the modern day, loyalty has become extremely difficult to maintain because there are so many options open to consumers. However, by keeping promises and providing effortless customer services, call centres can build positive branding and retain their clients.

Finally, it is absolutely vital to invest enough time and resources into social media channels. With the fast rise of these platforms, many companies have jumped on board without giving the process proper thought. By monitoring channels around the clock and conducting social listening, businesses can give themselves the best chance of reducing social poaching.

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