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Social media utilised to reveal poor service

A new survey has revealed that one-third of people who have experienced bad customer service will take to social media to air their woes. NewVoiceMedia said that it was vital for call centres to provide top-notch consumer care, otherwise their customers could take to platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to publicly air their frustrations.

It has been known for some time that an increasing number of telephone answering services are utilising social media to interact with consumers; however, the latest survey showed that 31% of people would use social networking to complain about a poor service, regardless of whether they interacted with a company on the said platform. Of the 2,034 surveyed adults, almost twice as many women as men complain, whilst over 40% of people were within the 16 to 24-year-old age bracket.

NewVoiceMedia’s chief executive, Jonathan Gale, said: “Not long ago, customers would tell friends and family if they experienced poor customer service. While this is damaging to a brand, it’s not nearly as powerful and immediate as customers who take their complaints online. Within hours, a business can suffer irreversible damage to its reputation, resulting in lost revenue and growth opportunities.”

For call centres wanting to avoid having their name berated across social networks, it is vital to offer a high-quality customer services every time they engage with consumers. By doing so, social media might even be used to share positive experiences.

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