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Social media performance vital to get right

Outsourced call centres are increasingly using social media as a way to interact with customers, helping consumers to find answers to the problems and queries.  However, using social networks is very different to manning telephone answering services call lines, and outsourcers must recognise the differences to offer the best experiences.

In recent reports from Nielsen, it was shown that almost 60% of people aged between 18 and 24 now use social media to contact companies.  This brings a strong case for call centres to utilise social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to interact with consumers.  However, it is vital that it is done in the correct way because the expectations of social media differ vastly from traditional call centre contact.

In a study by Oracle, it was found that 51% of Facebook users expect an answer back within the day.  Likewise, 81% of Twitter users also expect this 24-hour turnaround.  But companies will have to act even faster if they want to satisfy the 29% of Facebook users and 52% of Twitter users who expect their answer in just two hours.  In addition, 43% of people said that when they visit the social network channels of companies, they expect a direct response to their enquiry.

The figures reveal how important it is for call centres using the multi-channel approach to get communication right.  Those that fail to understand the changing expectations could find themselves inadvertently blotting their copy book and creating a bad brand image.

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