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Social Media Options Replace Customer Complaint Letters

Customers used to send complaint or praise letters in the mail; now they use Tweets.
Call centres have been known to handle more than telephone calls. In fact most outsourcing centres for telephone answering services providing customer service would also handle mailed in complaints or praise. In recent years the trends have changed from the call centre employees handling mail to handling social media Tweets instead. Customers no longer have to send mail because they can instantly post online with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. They can note any displeasure and, what is more, call centre employees have to respond.
South Africa is the first to announce that they are focusing on social networking and media to increase online presence for the companies they work for. It is no different to handling the complaint or praise letters that used to be sent, other than that the call centre can respond right away. A customer does not even have to wait on the phone if they want to talk or say something. All they have to do is go online.
There is still potential room for growth with online sources. Companies have already moved to live chat options in addition to their call centre telephone numbers. Social media usage has not completely taken over the industry and probably will not, but those in the call centre industry have warned that it should become a part of everyday life. Customers want to access the company by any means and instantly.

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