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Social media drives adoption of cloud technology

Many call centres have been adopting cloud technology for some while, seeing the latest trend as a way to reduce their expenses whilst optimising efficiency.  However, it has been shown that there is another driving force behind the take-up of cloud computing, and that is social media.

Telephone answering services expert Klass van der Leest, has said that there are many advantages in adopting cloud technology, including cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability.  In the modern era, customers are also changing the way they prefer to communicate with companies, taking to social networks to make instant contact.  It is becoming far more important for call centres to be able to respond to chat, SMS, social media, email and voice from the same queue, and this is where cloud technology could provide the answer.  The drive behind utilising a customer engagement centre is so strong that Gartner predicts those who have not adopted such measures by 2015 will lose customers to competitors.

One of the main appeals of cloud computing is the flexibility, with call centres being able to seamlessly expand and increase their services as they require.  Using the cloud allows companies to react almost instantly to market changes, rather than trying to rely on limited on-site hardware if business activity rises.

With social media here to stay, it is important that firms embrace the new way of consumer communication.  However, this should be done in the right way, and utilising cloud technology can often help.

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