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Social engagement requires dedicated teams

For the past few years, an increasing number of call centres have been diversifying into the multichannel approach and utilising Social mediato reach their customers. However, not all companies are doing this correctly, resulting in service that leaves a lot to be desired. If telephone answering services wish to provide the best care possible, it is essential to have dedicated teams for social engagement.

It is now crucial for brands to have a social presence. Moreover, companies need to carry on two-way conversations. Research from LiveOps revealed that 85 per cent of customers believe that the way firms handle themselves on social media and their websites is a good indicator of their service levels. Therefore, companies need to provide the best and most positive engagement possible.

One important thing for social teams to realise is that they need to get involved and start interacting with their customers quickly. This is particularly true when a problem is noted. Modern consumers using social media expect fast responses, and they want their issues to be resolved immediately. This means that call centres must give social media agents the power to provide customer satisfaction, even if a worker’s responsibilities need to be increased to get the job done.

Social media shows no signs of going away. That’s why it is vital for call centres across the country to embrace this outlet and do all they can to keep the customer happy.

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