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SMS effectiveness unlikely to be surpassed

smsAround the world, many call centres are looking out for the next best thing when it comes to finding tools that allow them to better engage with customers. This has led some to say that technology such as SMS is unlikely to last much longer. However, industry expert Steven Robertson suggests that the reach and cost-effectiveness of text messages make it a model that is unlikely to be superseded any time soon.

When running an omni-channel experience, it is easy for telephone answering services to overlook older technologies. However, evidence shows that SMS remains one crucial platform for use in the modern day. For example, research has found that text remains popular and is used more now than during the supposed peak experienced in the mid-1990s. SMS is the most utilised form of communication for those under 50, and 97 per cent of Americans send at least one text daily.

Texts are easily digested by consumers and have a trust factor attached to them. In addition, 76 per cent of people are more likely to read a text than an email. Meanwhile, according to MailChimp, just 20 per cent of emails are opened; this compares to 99 per cent of SMS messages, of which 90 per cent are read within three minutes.

In light of this data, Robertson believes that the SMS platform is unlikely to go away any time soon. In fact, for call centres that want to optimise their engagement, utilising text messages is one of the most effective ways to contact consumers.

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