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Smarter Call Centres : Smart Phones

It doesn’t take a genius to see how quickly things are changing and developing in technology, with new gadgets and gizmo’s hitting the shelves on an almost daily basis. Companies world wide are now having to pay more attention to such developments as many can have an impact on how they conduct their business.

The call centre industry is one of the slower industries to undertake change. Luckily we’ve moved on from the days of calling the operator and asking to be connected, however when compared to the supersonic rate of change in other industries something needed to be done to help bring us up to speed.

From a recent survey of potential telephone answering service users consumers seemed confused as to why some other call centres haven’t moved on with the time and utilised new technology open to them to A) stay on top of technology. B) retain customer loyalty and C) simply be more efficient.

The first step in moving forward with the times? Smartphones! The rise of the smartphone has undoubtedly opened doors and provided an opportunity for companies to improve the call centre experience. Now that most people are carrying these devices round in their pockets we’re jumping on board and other call centres can adapt by:

  1. Replacing hold time with an intelligent call-back

  2. Enhancing the IVR with a visual interface

  3. Asking the right pre-call questions for faster call resolution

Some have already implemented these changes and consumers are welcoming these changes because they eliminate common frustrations with the call centre experience.

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