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Small contact centres benefit from multi-talented agents and managers

Telephone ServiceWhen it comes to call centres, many smaller companies can make storefronts that are just as impressive as their larger counterparts, offering social media and webchat, 0800 numbers and professional websites. However, small telephone answering services often lack the support behind the scenes to ensure that customer services quality can match their glossy branding. Therefore, it is vital for small firms to have multi-talented agents and managers to ensure ongoing efficiency.

Customers expect so much more from call centres these days, and large firms can have dedicated teams answering emails, talking on social media, and discussing problems over the phone in order to meet all consumer demands. For the small business, however, hiring all these agents simply isn’t affordable. Instead, it is vital to get recruitment right and ensure the workforce are skilled in multiple areas. This doesn’t mean to say that people have to be good at everything, but having great phone manner whilst also coming across well via social media, for example, is a huge advantage.

Another advantage of small call centres is that managers have the chance to really learn and understand individual agents’ strengths and weaknesses. As such, training can be implemented in the right place whilst agents can be utilised in their most skilled area. This enables call centres to maximise productivity and efficiency despite having a smaller workforce than many larger firms.

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