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Small Business Turns To Call Centre Outsourcing


The global financial crisis will see traditional customers of outsourced call centres spending less in the short term, but the same pressures are driving small business to outsource their call centres, according to Frost & Sullivan.

F&S says that, in the face of a recession, smaller players are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with larger multinationals and are turning to contact centres and outsourcing of processes to limit expense and tighten budgets.

During 2008 SMB demand rose for both outbound telemarketing and inbound services, and all major players including Salmat, UCMS, Stellar, EDS, Teletech, Sitel and Teleperformance are optimistic that the SMB market will remain a growing revenue stream,” F&S reports.

“In the short term, the impact of the global financial turmoil – especially amongst the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector – will make outsourcing budget cuts inevitable,” F&S says. “While this is likely to lead to a slowdown in growth, continued pressure on financial institutions to curb capital costs will help to ensure existing outsourcing contracts are not scaled back.”

The recognition given to the call centre in this restructure echoes the market trend we have seen at GoResponse, with larger companies down-sizing admin and internal support functions; but retaining direct customer support services through restructuring and/or outsourcing.

I was interested to see this story come in across the news wires having blogged about this trend with respect to Comet’s UK restructuring earlier today.

Glen Blow
Business Development Director
GoResponse Ltd

For the full story on the F&S report see the iTWire Website.


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