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Small business reception services

If you have a small business, every member in your team will no doubt have a host of different tasks that they have to do. In many small businesses, team members have to have an incredibly flexible approach to work and may be expected to work extra hours or at the weekend at really short notice. However, at times of unprecedented demand, the amount of work that your team may have to do may simply be too much. At times like these, you need to let a third party company handle some of your administrative tasks, like answering phone calls and making appointments.

A virtual receptionist can be the solution to your staffing problems. They will be able to answer all your calls, take messages, direct important phone calls and even give relevant company information to a customer or client.

Customers or clients don’t even have to know that the person answering your calls is not one of your staff. The third party company’s telephone system can be integrated into your existing system seamlessly, making it easy for you to direct your calls to your virtual receptionist whenever needed.

The virtual receptionist will be thoroughly briefed about your company credentials and if used regularly, may even build up a rapport with clients or customers, further improving your business potential.

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