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Small business call answering services

If you have a small business, you might not have the resources to have a member of staff permanently answering calls. You may also need someone to answer calls at the weekend or on days when you are unavailable. In situations like this, you can use a call answering service.

When you use a call answering service, there will always be someone to answer the phone when a client calls. This way you won’t miss out on important leads and you can generate a better business ethos, where clients will be sure that there will always be someone to talk to, instead of them leaving messages on an answer phone.

Your experienced virtual receptionist will be able to take the message and then forward the message to you by SMS or email, so you can pick it up at your leisure. Because real people answer the phone they can also deliver specific messages to certain clients and know which clients will need prompt action. The virtual receptionist can be your PA, your marketing assistant or even a member of your client support department – the choice is yours and your clients don’t need to know.

To use the virtual answering service you simply need to divert your calls to the service when needed. The telephone answering service can even help you sort out the technicalities of the call divert process.

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