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Slough Council to use Outsourcing

Slough Borough Council has decided to outsource over the next ten years.

Call centres are not always looked upon favourably, but more and more councils and government offices are starting to find value in them, as much as any other business has in the past. Slough Borough Council has decided to provide the town with savings over the next ten years to the amount of £26 million. The council will do so by partnering with outsourcing centres offering help with payroll, benefits, revenues, finance services, HR, logistics and .telephone answering services

The deal made will start on the 2nd April 2012 to ensure the outsourcing centre is provided with the proper services in order to save the town money. The idea is to train employees locally for the positions at the call centre using appropriate technology. The council said its approach is to take the public sector and UK as a whole and put it into a cost savings situation. Technology, people and collaboration are all a part of the concept.

The council is just utilising practices that have already been found to be beneficial to other government entities and many UK businesses. The council has decided to keep the employment options within the United Kingdom rather than allowing them to go out of the country. This means that Slough Borough Council is helping to provide jobs to those in need, while also saving money for the town and offering a better infrastructure with the partnership.

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