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Skype and its use in call centres

Call centres are often looking for new ways to utilise technology. For those who want an easy videoconferencing channel, Skype provides a great tool at a low cost so that it can be easily adopted by telephone answering services. Skype provides a number of communication options for consumers, allowing them to easily contact companies.

Skype is an online platform that is free to use and offers web chat, voice calls and face-to-face video calling. There are more than 300 million people using this service around the world. It is so popular largely because in addition to having no regional boundaries, it can be accessed via televisions, computers, games consoles and phones. According to the latest research, around 22 million minutes of Skype time are used every hour. Moreover, Microsoft recently acquired the tool, which means Skype is set to become a major player in the call centre industry.

What can Skype be used for? For telephone answering services, Skype can provide a low-cost contact channel that is particularly good for international calls. The platform provides an instant messaging (IM) option, which is ideal for customers who do not want to use web chat. Video chat is also enabled, allowing face-to-face calls. Finally, because Skype allows companies to broadcast information, call centres can easily indicate whether they are open or closed.

Over the coming years, Skype is likely to be adopted by many companies. With video calls, low costs and IMs, there are many factors to benefit from.

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