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Skills-based routing essential for modern customer services

tick placed in excellent check box with fountain penAt the heart of any successful call centre is an efficient and seamless routing system, ensuring that consumers are connected with the right agents in a timely manner. As telephone answering services increasingly diversify their channels to meet customer expectations, the demands on routing are increasing. For example, someone connecting with a brand on Twitter will want to speak to the same agent on the telephone. This might not always be possible, but it is vital that companies integrate an intelligent skills-based routing operation.

Skills-based routing remains the most common form of connecting customers to the right agent. The process is driven by identifying employee skills sets and consumer needs. For example, a person who wants transaction information can be connected with an agent in the accounting team. One way of accomplishing this is by setting up intelligent systems to automatically look up data and then cross-reference consumer details to find an agent with the right skillset.

An alternative is to have software identify numbers of keywords in written text, such as that in email or on social media. This allows customers to be sent to appropriate agents, and in many cases, it might be the same agent they initiated the conversation with in the first place.

Finally, demographic filtering is commonly used within any skills-based operation, allowing people to be connected with the right geographical and language skills. This is particularly useful for call centres taking advantage of cloud computing and tailoring their markets to make a local presence.

Using skills-based routing is important in the modern world, where brands must meet consumer demands. Connecting customers with the right agents can boost the chances of succeeding in this endeavour.

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