GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Simplify life for omni-channel agents

computerIn this modern era, telephone answering services need to expand their communication channels because customers are demanding more methods of contact. This means that many call centres have diversified onto platforms such as Twitter, Webchat and Facebook. However, to get matters working seamlessly, it is crucial that life is made as simple as possible for agents.

First, the traffic prioritisation processes used for telephone contact must all be applied to the omni-channel, ensuring customers get through to the right agent for their enquiry. This means that agents shouldn’t necessarily be divided by platform skills. Rather, each division should have experts in all channels.

Additionally, a single customer view should be established from the outset. To provide a seamless service that answers questions and solves problems quickly, all customer details should be amalgamated into one place. Customising agents’ desktops can help with this, with limited functionality having to be replaced with an intuitive system that allows individuals to do their work easily. Flexible desktops also allow the agents to develop their own method of dealing with the constantly changing demands they are faced with and allow them to adapt to the needs of the client as quickly as possible.

Finally, if possible, various communication channels should be integrated into a single system. This reduces the workload for agents needing to switch between many screens because it funnels everything into one place. By simplifying omni-channels for agents, individuals can do their work more quickly and efficiently. This can help boost call centre productivity immensely.

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