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Simplify and streamline customer solutions

For call centres, the modern era has meant that companies have had no choice but to diversify, opening multi-channel approaches and developing device applications to aid consumers. However, apps often become too complicated, particularly over time as additional features are added. In addition, multi-channels aren’t always fully integrated with each other. This could create hurdles when transitioning between email and social media, for example. For telephone answering services taking stock of their consumer tools, it is vital to simplify and streamline customer processes.

Neil Whitaker, an expert on mobile banking strategy, has revealed that it is essential to make consumer solutions exceptionally simple. People don’t want to be logging into apps and clicking multiple buttons time and time again; they want instant and quick access to get the job done. This is where call centres can learn something from the mobile banking market, which has seen increasing use over the past few years as more people go online to manage their finances.

Additionally, there is the need to ensure the omni-channel approach is fully integrated into all channels. In an era when almost everyone has a smartphone or device, traditional telephone conversations are often skipped by initiating talk via social media. A query started there often then moves to email or a call-back, enabling consumers to bypass call centre queues altogether. It is therefore vital not only to have apps that are simple and provide quick solutions but also to fully integrate all channels so that flipping between them is easy.

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