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Simplicity hailed as the replacement for loyalty

In the past, many call centres have been challenged with the task of increasing consumer loyalty and ensuring that clients remain with their firm no matter what.  However, the business market is changing, and loyalty has been on the decline for many years.  Now, experts are saying that telephone answering services must focus on simplicity if they are to continue seeing large consumer use.

Over the last three years loyalty has declined dramatically, with half of the population now saying that it is a factor of the past.  With switching between companies made so easy, many consumers jump ship as soon as a discount is offered or bad service is received.  However, 74% of people say that they are likely to continue doing business with a firm if the service is simple.

In a call centre, it is vital to make communication channels as easy as possible.  This means both the actual script that an agent goes through, and the service menus that callers receive when they first make contact must be simple.  Agents must be knowledgeable if they are to offer a seamless service, and this means that new market trends demand staff training.  With it being so easy to switch companies, loyalty should no longer be the focus.  Instead, creating a simple and easy system for consumers to use should be a priority for those managing telephone answering services.

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