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Simple steps to improve agent productivity

business people group working in customer and help desk officeCall centres often strive for better performance, but they sometimes overlook the one major resource they have: employees. By boosting agent productivity, telephone answering services can improve overall performance whilst satisfying staff and consumers.

For those who want to make agents’ lives easier and improve productivity, it is ideal to have all data easily accessible. This means unifying everything in one place so agents don’t have to jump between multiple screens during phone calls. This frustrates consumers because they have to wait longer, and it also hinders agent productivity.

Agents can also be supported with analysis tools and social media monitoring. Online mentions, whether on Twitter or Facebook, can sometimes become overwhelming in their number. This can lead to demoralised agents. However, by utilising monitoring and analytical tools, queue limits can be set and extra agents can be brought online.

Finally, it is a good idea to encourage a little friendly competition. The aim is to showcase individual performance figures rather than publicise people’s failings. When agents are able to see how well they’re doing, it can drive them to improve, helping a call centre’s productivity levels.

Productive agents are a must-have in a call centre. Without them, calls can languish, customer services quality can fall, and telephone answering services can find themselves in trouble. By taking the right steps, even the most lacklustre of staff can be encouraged to change.

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