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Simple steps to combine marketing with call centre operations

Customer RepresentativeMany call centres find it difficult to make marketing effective when modern business priorities place so much focus on excelling in customer services. However, there are simple ways for telephone answering services to use advertising without upsetting customers.

First, it is vital to actually communicate with consumers properly. Many customers don’t mind marketing as long as it’s done through the right channel and has been correctly targeted. Multi-channelling has become essential in the past few years, with people expecting their favourite brands to be available across a variety of platforms. By providing agents with a single-window view of a customer, the proper advertising can be done to suit the specific individual.

Meanwhile, although the majority of work at call centres is likely to be inbound traffic, it’s a good idea to perform proactive outbound marketing. By blending inbound and outbound together, agents can switch between activities, making the most of their time and ensuring the right customers are contacted about certain products and services.

Finally, it’s crucial not to overlook important data and use it to improve the customer experience. Modern markets thrive on analytics, but data such as revenue per call, average handling time, and first contact resolution remain important insights. By utilising all the data on offer, marketing can be honed more efficiently, making advertising suit clientele instead of trying to force unwanted campaigns upon consumers.

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