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Simple chatbots and IVR revealed by Aspect


With so much new technology to contend with, call centres can find embracing the latest must-haves a challenge. Now, Aspect Software has made chatbot and interactive voice response (IVR) tools easier to use with its latest CXP 17 update.

The newest iteration of Aspect Software’s CXP tool has made huge improvements to its Natural Language Understanding (NLU), making it easier for telephone answering services to develop and maintain self-service options and customer care chatbots. This is particularly important in light of the fact that the firm’s own survey in 2016 found that 65 per cent of people feel positively about themselves and a brand when they can solve an issue without talking to a call centre agent.

Meanwhile, another report that is due to be released by Aspect next month found that 63 per cent of agents feel more in touch with consumers when self-service and chatbot options remove regular, mundane questions.

Aspect Chief Marketing Officer Jim Freeze said that the firm’s continuing ambition is to make technology simple and effective. “The latest updates to CXP makes it possible for developers and designers to quickly and easily create customer-friendly self-service applications for the channels that consumers want to use such as text, Facebook Messenger or other messaging apps, as well as IVR,” he added.

In the latest CXP update, users will find advanced support for matching linguistic patterns, integrated help for the spelling corrections needed for NLU, and full support for identifying and extracting common information such as time, currency values, date, location and numbers. This will help call centres to utilise self-service and chatbots successfully.

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