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Sightsavers call centre get into the swing of Red Nose Day

Call centres had a busy night ahead of them on the 18th of March, as call centre staff around the country took calls from the general public who wanted to pledge money to Comic Relief.

One charity actually converted their premises into a call centre for the night. Sightsavers, who are based in Haywards Heath, responded to over 2,000 calls on the night and took over £78,000 in donations from the general public.

Sightsaver’s staff manned the Mid Sussex call centre with over 130 of them working for free. Volunteers took calls in fancy dress outfits and took part in fun games as the staff got into the swing of the occasion.

Sightsavers are one of the many thousands of charities who will benefit from the money raised by Red Nose Day. They work in more than 30 countries to try to cure and prevent blindness and provide education and training for those who are already visually impaired. In 2009 Sightsavers treated over 900,000 people for trachoma and performed over 273,000 cataract operations. They also protected over 20 million people against the devastating effects of river blindness.

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