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Service requirements and history important for customer personalisation

young african american businesswoman working on computerFor many call centres, the challenges of modern business include needing to personalise services towards individual customers. This helps to build ongoing rapport and loyalty, ensuring clients don’t move to the competition. However, there is a lot more to this than simply providing a quick and friendly phone manner to keep people’s interest. Telephone answering services need to route callers to appropriate departments based on their service requirements and history if they want to boost consumer satisfaction.

There are many things that can delight consumers, and going the extra mile, particularly when it’s not even requested, can provide an excellent experience that receives positive recognition. One way to do this is through correct routing. With the data from customer relationship management (CRM) tools and customer queries becoming more tight and streamlined than ever, it is easier to make informed decisions regarding each client.

In the past, there were two main approaches: normal routing or sending VIP customers to more experienced agents. However, modern tools now allow call centres to “tag” their customers with a large variety of tags. This allows for a far more complex routing system to be created, reducing IVR requirements and giving people a customised service.

For companies that are able to utilise such routing techniques, loyalty and customer experience can be greatly enhanced, making every individual feel important instead of just VIP members.

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