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Service quality falls for UK insurance industry

A new report has found that customers are receiving increasingly worse levels of care from UK’s insurance sector. The situation is something that all call centres need to rectify, especially those that are looking to increase the quality of service their consumers receive.

Research from Eptica found that 91 per cent of people say they would be more loyal to insurance firms that offer good digital consumer services. However, firms in this sector fail to answer 68 per cent of the queries they are sent via Facebook, Twitter, email and the web. Just one year earlier, this figure was 47 per cent, which shows the insurance sector is failing to provide optimised care by an even greater extent than before.

Other results were also discovered, including the fact that 78 per cent of customers want to be able to contact their insurance firms on different channels. However, none of the companies questioned had omnichannel platforms in place that allowed communication across email, Twitter, chat and Facebook. There is also a high level of inconsistency across channels, with just 5 per cent having matching answers on three platforms. In fact, 70 per cent of firms did not have a single matching answer.

Eptica co-founder Olivier Njamfa said: “Consumers want to have high-quality conversations with insurers and 72% said that their expectations are continually rising – yet in the majority of cases they are simply not receiving the experience they demand. Performance seems to be polarising, with some companies and channels pulling away from the rest – meaning that the laggards risk losing customers to their rivals unless they change how they operate.”

Telephone answering services that wish to optimise their care should take heed of the insurance industry’s failings and ensure their customer care is prioritised.

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