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Service desks require customer services centre evolution

Customer ServicesWhile many industries, including retail and finance, have begun offering a multi-channel call centre approach with self-service options, many firms in the service industry have been slower to meet current trends. With the modern consumer expecting greater visibility, faster response times, and a lot more control over communication channels, it is vital for the traditional service desk to evolve into a customer services centre.

Call centres in the service industry have a number of steps at their disposal to take action. First, consumers should be provided with a means to help themselves, and this means self-service options. By developing mobile apps and online portals, telephone answering services provide clients with increased flexibility and a way to change details or service plans at any time.

Customers also need to be provided with consistent service across every channel opened. Using technology capable of moving multiple channels into a single queue is the best option, enabling agents to easily process queries. Service desk productivity can also be boosted with automation and technical training for agents. Providing agents with the education they need to solve a wide variety of problems helps to boost customer care and solve problems more quickly.

It is important for all businesses to take consumer services seriously. For the services industry, this means following other trend-leading industries in the way they’ve created customer services centres.

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