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Server virtualisation reducing the cost of data centres

Female operator with headset makes a gesture with his thumb upTelephone answering services can take advantage of a new trend to cut their data centre and operating costs. By utilising virtual servers, companies can optimise their infrastructure, boost business continuity and availability, and reduce costs at the same time. For call centres that want to make lucrative savings, Storacall ST call recording can be harnessed to gain higher operational efficiencies.

Storacall offers a diverse and innovative range of live agent coaching and recording software. Their call recording tools can be easily used through a virtual machine, and this makes it a great solution for companies that are looking to cut their operating costs.

The software offered by Storacall has been carefully to developed to integrate with most standard applications across the industry, allowing businesses to control just how the technology is used within their individual operation. With tools focussing on the relationship between agent and consumer, call centres can be assured that these applications are fit for purpose.

As part of its package, Storacall provides high-availability support for a variety of the world’s most popular virtualisation solutions. This includes Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and VMware. The web-based tool means that applications and hosted operating systems can access the software remotely through both administration and central management channels.

There are a number of advantages that can be gained by using Storacall, but one leading benefit is that it can significantly reduce outgoings. Customers using the software can leverage the tool to work on their current infrastructure to save costs. Other power, hardware, facilities, maintenance and administrative expenses can also be lowered. This not only helps to drop overheads, but it also positions call centres with a greener IT portfolio, which is something that can be important to modern customers.

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