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Senior directors driving the demand for cloud

Cloud computingIt has been revealed that senior directors are pushing up the demand for cloud adoption, with executives utilising the modern solution as part of their business-wide strategic decision-making process. For call centres, cloud computing can offer many benefits, with a rising number of companies turning to the tool.

In the “Cloud as a Journey: The Reality of Cloud-based Solutions in UK Contact Centres” report, 186 telephone answering services were surveyed by ContactBabel on behalf of Genesys. In 65 per cent of cases, strategic decision-making at senior level had been the trigger for cloud adoption. 90 per cent of respondents said that chief technology officers have a big influence over cloud technology, whilst 70 per cent voiced similar opinions about chief executives.

Many cloud computing advantages were also mentioned by survey respondents, with 30 per cent saying that gaining access to cheaper IT implementation and maintenance was the top benefit. Meanwhile, 25 per cent said they enjoyed the ease of trialling new functionality and the speed of rollout, whilst 20 per cent revealed they benefited from easier integration.

Keith Wilkinson, Genesys vice president of UK & Africa, said: “We are now seeing the strategic adoption of cloud, where it is being used to produce better business outcomes, increase profitability and future-proof contact centres. The wider business implications of cloud computing adoption also mean that other senior decision makers, such as the CEO and CFO, are now influencing the decision to move to the cloud. This marks a departure from previous years where decisions about technology rested firmly in the hands of the IT department.”

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