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Self-help provides significantly lower costs than agent call

For many call centres, there is a constant balancing act to be done to ensure that agents are on hand to help consumers whilst a self-service feature is available too. In new data, it was revealed that self-service options used by telephone answering services average a cost of 65p per call. Meanwhile, a live agent call costs six times as much at £3.87.

In the latest study, it has been shown just how vast the cost differences are between self-help systems and live call centre agent chats. This should not be used as an incentive to abandon agent services in favour of self-service options, however. Instead, call centres should use the latest data to ensure their self-help menus are up-to-date and efficient. This ensures that consumers who are able to help themselves do not need to seek live support.

IVR menus have developed significantly over recent years as smartphones have become mainstream. Now, consumers can access much better visual representations and can, on average, navigate menus up to five times faster than traditional audio IVR options.

Steve Morrell, author of the latest report, revealed: “While the future of customer contact will involve the extremes of highly personalised live service on the one hand, and the increasing use of automated systems on the other, we’re seeing that businesses and solution providers are looking to build strong links between automated and live service options to support seamless transitions as required.” He added that call centres and customers can find a win-win situation with self-service options.

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