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Security basics must be addressed by banks

Security Management ConceptAspect Software says that if organisations wish to catch up with growing levels of mobile banking fraud, financial institutions must master the basics of cyber security. The software provider warned that a lot of banks are not even meeting the most basic requirements when it comes to secure online banking, putting their business, brand and customers at risk.

For many call centres, the modern world has meant diversifying services from traditional telephone channels to provide mobile platforms, social media contact and more. However, this opens up more potential risks. A recent study from Which? reported that more than 50 per cent of the UK’s largest banks still do not use two-factor verification steps for online banking.

Aspect Software Head of Mobile Banking Keiron Dalton said: “Earlier in 2016 both Barclays Bank and First Direct announced they would be rolling out the use of voice recognition technology in lieu of antiquated password protection for managing bank account activity. Among other criteria, these moves have earned the banks a nod from Which? in the report, as they leap ahead of others that aren’t even mastering the basics.”

For telephone answering services that want to ensure that all aspects of the customer experience are safe, ensuring proper verification methods online is crucial. Failing to provide these safety messages not only harms the customer, but it can also result in a huge negative impact on companies and their brands. Therefore, it is essential – particularly for financial institutions – to take stock of their safety procedures and update them if necessary.

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