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Seasonal agent recruitment needs to begin early

TelemarketingThe Christmas break is almost here, and that means only one thing for call centres: the busy January period will soon begin. Many companies will have recruited large numbers of seasonal agents to deal with the spike in business at this time of year. When should firms start recruiting?

One of the most important things for telephone answering services to understand is that they need to act and not react when it comes to staffing busy periods. Trying to increase agent numbers in the middle of a busy period is the wrong approach. Instead, firms need to know the seasonal peaks and troughs experienced in their sector and make appropriate allowances.

It is also essential to take attrition rate into consideration. Regardless of when the recruitment process begins, some permanent members of staff might have left before these new starters begin.

AllClear Insurance Services’ Head of Operations, Linda Davis, says: “Our contact centre is made up of four departments, all of which have their peak months at the same time. Our January call volumes increase around 240% above December’s, so we historically begin our recruitment campaigns early in October. Our summer recruitment normally starts in May as the call volume increase is not as significant.”

Davis’ words show that recruitment for busy times, especially the post-Christmas months, needs to start early. For firms that have yet to start, it is worthwhile to consider outsourcing work to a call centre over the coming weeks and establishing an early recruitment drive in 2017.

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