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Seamless customer service gained from Big Data use

Big Data can be a confusing topic for many, especially those whose first priority is to be running an efficient call centre.  However, mplsystems’ Susannah Richardson has said that Big Data, when used in the right way, can give telephone answering services all the tools to provide exceptional customer service.

On the surface, Big Data can simply be viewed as data collection and analysis.  However, for those who dig below the surface, all manner of information can be revealed, and it is this that often stirs people into getting this data to work in their favour.  Big Data gathers information from various sources and allows customer service teams to provide service levels to individual consumers based on very specific information.  This is why it can greatly enhance the service that call centres provide, allowing agents to target specific individuals with very precise selling and care options.

One of the best approaches to handling Big Data is using an intelligent desktop that manages to stream information and provide agents with the right information to take callers forward in the right manner.  This can greatly increase first call resolution rates and enable callers to benefit from a positive experience; a vital necessity in the modern world where customer service is everything.

Big Data should no longer be ignored, and companies must delve deeper into its uses.  Therefore, for those who successfully scratch beneath the surface, leaps in efficiency, performance and service can be achieved.

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