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Scripts still essential for branding and consistency

headsetThere has been much debate in the call centre industry about whether scripts are becoming a thing of the past. For many companies, using a rigid, inflexible script is outdated and fails to offer the customer services quality that many modern consumers require. However, scripts do offer some benefits. For example, they enable telephone answering services to easily maintain their branding and consistency.

There is no denying that customer care quality is key for modern call centres that want to improve their relationships with consumers. Meeting people’s expectations and rising to obligations and promises is essential. This has caused some firms to move away from scripts and allow the agents a more personal and flexible rapport instead. However, scripts were developed as a way to ensure continuity and consistency across a company so that the service would be the same regardless of whom a consumer talked to, and this remains important today.

Branding is the lifeblood of a business, and it is created by a raft of factors including a firm’s services, people, products, values, market position and culture. With modern technology, script builders can ensure this branding is added to all script pages, helping to reinforce branding throughout a firm. For in-house operations, this can be extremely important. However, it goes also goes further. It can remind agents to provide the service levels and branding that is expected of the business, boosting customer services and ensuring overall consistency.

Before throwing out scripts entirely, it is a good idea for call centres to look at the benefits they can offer. Scripts do not have to be rigid; they can take a more fluid approach whilst incorporating branding for good service.

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