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Scripts might no longer be required in the call centre

Call Centre 2For many years, the traditional call centre has utilised a set script for its agents to work with. Whilst some telephone answering services allow employees some flexibility, others are keen to stick rigidly to the framework. However, with customer services taking centre stage, the script might be on its way out.

There are many advantages to having a script. First, they eliminate small talk and allow agents to get right to the heart of the matter. In some cases, they are required for legal compliance and ensure all the right information is provided to callers. They can also help cross language barriers. Even in Britain, various areas have regional slang that can be countered when a well-developed script is used, allowing all callers to understand.

However, scripts also have several disadvantages. For example, scripting errors can mean calls aren’t properly resolved, reducing customer service and lowering retention rates. For frustrated customers, hearing a scripted response can seem insincere, worsening the problem. Agents need to be able to convey empathy; this is not always possible when reading a script. Finally, the individual needs of a customer can be hard to meet when agents have to stick to a script.

There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to using the traditional call centre script. Although it might not be on the way out altogether, companies should allow some flexibility to increase customer care.

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