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Scottish Independence Could Change Outsourcing

Inshore outsourcing is considered low risk.

UK businesses can take advantage of UK-based outsourcing call centres. Some of these centres are located in Scotland. Scotland has plans for requesting independence from the UK. The decision has yet to be made, but it could affect inshore nulltelephone answering services if Scotland does separate from the rest of the UK in a government situation.

Many industries could actually suffer should Scotland decide with the move to become independent. It is a decades-old question as to whether Scotland will remove themselves from the UK. The Scottish First Minister made a recent announcement with regards to voting for independence. Alex Salmond stated that 2014 will be the perfect time to make this vote happen.

For outsourcing call centres and the entire industry in the UK, this has caused some concern. There are obviously many worries about the consideration for independence. For outsourcing companies it would mean a separation from the UK government. This could create some issues with current laws in place. Countries are beginning to put a hold on what information can be shared with other countries, even neighbouring countries.

There are plenty that feel the “chess game” of politics would actually be a help to strengthening inshore outsourcing call centres rather than a problem. It seems there are at least two years to go before any vote will be cast. At this time the economy can change wildly for better or worse. This could affect the vote.

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