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Scoring techniques can improve call quality monitoring

Daily Business VKeeping a close eye on the quality and consistency of call centre communications is vital for firms that want to be sure that each and every customer is getting the same level of service. Quality monitoring can be difficult in the telephone answering services environment, especially when there are too many calls to investigate. However, by using scoring techniques, executives can cut through the traffic to identify key experiences.

Many call centres continue to use scoring techniques as a way to indicate whether a call was positive or not. However, jotting up points doesn’t always show the real truths, and it can also affect agents’ performances as they are focussed on scoring rather than helping customers. As a result, when joint listening sessions are being conducted, it is vital to hide score sheets so employees aren’t swayed. Meanwhile, it’s important to provide consistency in score sheets across all departments to allow close analysis.

When it comes to the scoring itself, it might be in a call centre’s best interest to ditch the checklist and utilise free-form text guidance instead. It’s also important to forget about the numbers and focus on an agent’s behaviour. Giving someone a score is not as effective as discussing good and bad telephone manners.

Quality monitoring remains an important part of running a call centre, but by stepping away from the numbers and looking at behaviours and customer focus instead, calls and agents can be better evaluated.

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