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Scorebuddy teams up with Agilisys in partnership

Depositphotos_25727681_m-2015Scorebuddy, the innovative company that developed service call rating software, has revealed that its partnership with Agilisys is providing dividends. With an increasing number of call centres looking for the ability to monitor the quality of social media, webchat and telephone conversations, the alliance between the firms could prove popular.

By teaming with Agilisys, Scorebuddy has been able to integrate its software with management tools to provide high-quality customer insight services. A survey conducted by Agilisys earlier in 2016 discovered that more than one third of 3,000 respondents said they do not monitor customer services accurately due to a lack of time. The same number also agreed that better reporting and evaluation tools are required. The findings identified that many telephone answering services and organisations are looking for ways to increase monitoring that are not overly complicated.

Agilisys’s Director of Customer Services, Ashley Bryant, said: “In our view, quality measurement is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but an integral part of any customer service strategy. It’s essential to understand where organisations are most successful and where barriers to loyalty or repeat business exist. In the public sector, a better understanding of quality of service enables the identification of failure demand and highlights opportunities to reduce costs and improve citizen experience.”

Optimising customer services quality has become a top priority for firms as the fight for business becomes increasingly competitive. By utilising the latest software offerings from the Scorebuddy and Agilisys partnership, firms should be able to monitor quality with even more simplicity.



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