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Scheduling remains an essential call centre process to get right

telephoneAs the modern world diversifies, businesses have had to adapt to meet their customers’ new expectations. However, one process in the call centre that remains very important is scheduling. Get it right and telephone answering services can optimise their efficiency and raise their bottom line. Get it wrong and all manner of problems can ensue.

For call centres that want to change their scheduling for the better, there are a few important principles to follow. First, it is a good idea to switch to annualised hours as a way to save on overtime. It is easier to manage staff resources to fit peak and quiet times, thus reducing the amount of money that needs to be spent on getting extra staff in.

It can also be beneficial to create a system that rewards good performers. It is essential for agents to fully understand timings and tasks for such a process to operate, allowing everyone to be on an equal footing. Then, agent performance can be utilised to drive who is given dream shifts and perks, such as the first choice of annual leave or Christmas break times. Following this up, it is also crucial to provide people with a reason if their shift request is declined and try to offer them first choice next time.

Finally, scheduling a rota so there’s always a team leader on the floor can boost overall efficiency. This might seem like an impossible challenge for some companies, but the rewards are worth the effort; it can help team leaders to help streamline work processes and ensure maximum efficiency throughout the day.

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